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WAGA: How to Include Artisan Decor Into Your Home

The world of interior design offers endless possibilities when it comes to decorating our homes. Among the many styles and themes available, the artisan aesthetic has gained popularity for its unique blend of craftsmanship, authenticity, and timeless appeal.

Understanding the Artisan Philosophy

My embrace of the artisan philosophy centers on celebrating handcrafted objects and the preservation of traditional techniques. It embraces the idea that beauty lies in imperfections, and values the human touch in every creation. Artisans pour their heart and soul into each piece they make, infusing them with a sense of authenticity and uniqueness. 

personalised woodcarving

This philosophy also emphasizes sustainable practices and materials, so when buying home decor I strive to source materials locally, support small businesses, and minimize my environmental footprint. When I incorporate artisan pieces into my home, I’m not just decorating; I’m weaving stories and history into my daily living environment.

WAGA, a symbol of rich Bosnian heritage, comes as a perfect choice for incorporating artisan decor into your home. As WAGA products are specific due to their UNESCO status, naturally I often use it in decorating my clients spaces, as well as my own. 

Exploring the Artisan Aesthetic

My home radiates with a warm, welcoming, and organic ambiance, which reflects the artisan aesthetic. It’s a style that favors natural materials like wood, stone, and ceramics, alongside rich textures and earthy colors. Embracing imperfection is key, so I don’t shy away from weathered surfaces or handmade objects that proudly show their unique craftsmanship.

JASMINA Dizadrević

It’s about surrounding yourself with objects that tell a story and evoke a sense of nostalgia. Whether it’s a sophisticated centrepiece or a minimalistic wooden desk organiser, each element contributes to the overall artisan aesthetic.

Remember, authenticity is crucial. Each item in my home not only serves a function but also tells the tale of the artisan’s dedication, skill and heritage. 

How to Incorporate Artisan Decor Into Your Home

Incorporating artisan decor into your home begins with an appreciation for the unique stories and traditions each piece carries. To start, focus on key areas like the living room or entryway, where a statement piece such as a wooden centrepiece, serving tray or a wooden phone holder can set a welcoming tone. Each artisanal piece should resonate with your personal style while also enhancing the overall ambiance of your space. 

Creating a cohesive artisanal environment involves more than just placing individual pieces; it requires a thoughtful curation that harmonises the old with the new. Pair vintage, handcrafted furniture with modern accents to bridge different eras and styles seamlessly. By integrating these elements thoughtfully, you invite not only beauty and history into your home but also a sense of peace and authenticity that is palpable in every corner.

5 Artisan Decor Pieces That Fit Any Room

Each of these artisan-crafted decor pieces adds a touch of soul and authenticity to your home. They are characteristic for being most popular between clients and interior designers, as they can add versatility to any room.

1. SANAT Wooden Centrepiece

SANAT Wooden Centrepiece

As an interior designer, I always recommend pieces that blend function with style, like the SANAT serving tray. This piece is beautifully hand-carved, featuring traditional Bosnian motifs that tell a story of heritage and craftsmanship. It’s perfect not just for serving, but as a stunning centerpiece. Place it on a coffee table with candles and small vases, or use it in the dining room for an added touch of elegance during your gatherings. SANAT brings both history and beauty to any room, making it more than just a tray—it’s a conversation starter.

2. PAR Wooden Bookends

PAR Wooden Bookends next to a book

The PAR wooden bookends effortlessly combine functionality with a distinct aesthetic charm. Each piece is adorned with the traditional “Rešma” pattern, reflecting a rich Bosnian heritage intricately merged with modern design. These aren’t just simple book supports; they transform any bookshelf into a vibrant showcase of culture and craftsmanship. 

Place them in any space, from a sleek office to a cozy living room corner, to introduce a touch of elegance and a story of artisanal tradition. The PAR bookends stand out as functional, yet visually striking decor pieces.

3. MATI Wooden Incense Holder

MATI Wooden Incense Holder

MATI redefines the simple incense holder by bringing the tranquility of nature indoors. Hand-carved with the serene “Rešma” pattern, each MATI piece echoes the lush forests from which its wood is sourced, offering more than just an aroma to a room—it brings a piece of the forest’s soul. Ideal for a coffee table, nightstand, or library shelf, MATI enhances any space with its earthy, calming presence. 

MATI is a crafted piece of heritage that invites calm and mindfulness into your daily routine. As a popular choice with decorators, including myself, MATI turns the simple act of burning incense into a moment of zen, making every space a haven for relaxation and reflection.

4. KRUNA Wooden Book Stand

Wooden Book Stand

For me, KRUNA is not just a wooden book stand;  it’s a tribute to the art of reading and exquisite craftsmanship. This stand does more than just hold books; it transforms any reading nook or office into a celebration of artisanal tradition and culture. Set it up anywhere—from a modern study to a relaxed living area—to add a layer of elegance and historical richness. KRUNA stands out not only as a practical tool for readers but as a statement piece to the timeless culture and elegance a room and lifestyle can hold. 

5. SJAJ Wooden Table Mirror

SJAJ Wooden Table Mirror

SJAJ elevates the everyday table mirror into a statement piece, merging utility with exquisite craftsmanship. Each SJAJ mirror is meticulously carved, featuring either the traditional “Konjic rose” or the “Rešma” pattern, which embodies a rich Bosnian heritage blended with modern aesthetics. This mirror does more than reflect your image; it transforms any space—be it a bedroom dresser or a hallway console—into a showcase of artisanal tradition and culture. Place it wherever you wish to add a touch of sophistication and historical depth. SJAJ stands out not only as an essential part of your daily routine but also as a visually stunning element in home decor.

Maintaining the Timeless Appeal of Artisan Decor

Caring for artisan decor requires attention and gentleness. I avoid harsh chemicals and opt for natural cleaning products to preserve the integrity and beauty of each piece. Regular maintenance and mindful placement away from damaging elements like direct sunlight and moisture ensure my artisan treasures age gracefully.

Embracing the artisan lifestyle means more than decorating—it’s a commitment to the art of the handmade, supporting artisans, and cherishing their work as part of my everyday life. Through this approach, I not only enhance my home but also help keep alive a tradition of craftsmanship that spans generations.


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