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In the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a remarkable story unfolds. WAGA – a symbol of the deepest passion for Bosnian heritage, crafted by the hands of skilled artisans.

Jasmina Dizdarević: Tracing WAGA’s Origins Back to Her Childhood

jasmina dizdarevic

Imagine yourself in Konjic, near the gentle flow of the Neretva river. Jasmina Dizdarević, an architect whose heart beats for her heritage, brings us back to her childhood.

“Growing up in Konjic, my home was next to the Mulić family shop, the town’s most beloved woodcarving shop. The skilled artisans there crafted tiny wooden furniture just for my dolls. I was enchanted by my custom new toys, so soon after I found my second home playing in the shop. There I was able to immerse myself in the rich scent of wood and the rhythmic sounds of carving, and absorb the essence of my heritage. What began with building tiny furniture for my dolls, ended up with shaping my future as a young girl.”

wooden hand carving

This early connection with her heritage showed Jasmina the vital role that culture plays in shaping our environments. Inspired, she channelled this understanding into her career as an architect. However, during her PhD in Istanbul, she truly began to miss the sense of belonging tied to her cultural roots.

“Where I come from means a lot to me, so I was determined to craft something that would constantly remind me of my rich origins. I wanted to blend functionality with my heritage, by creating a serving tray with the same motifs my doll furniture had. I made a design, chose the board and the only piece missing was a skilled artisan to craft it.”

After Jasmina returned home, she discovered that the craftsmen from her childhood had either retired or had their shops close down. Faced with the potential loss of an integral part of her heritage and identity, she was struck by a profound sense of duty.

Having a piece from Waga is like holding a piece of history. It’s a chain going back to a century old craft and the happy childhood of a young girl.

From a Modest Start to UNESCO Recognition

WAGA: A New Chapter in the Legacy of Konjic Woodcarving

In 2015 with a small amount of materials and the support of local artisans, Jasmina launched the brand WAGA. Her mission was unmistakable: reviving the fading art of Konjic woodcarving — a craft that gathers people regardless of gender or ethnicity to create, share, and sustain art in wooden form.

The journey took a beautiful turn when Jasmina met Georges-Antoine Ventillard in Sarajevo. Moved by the authentic essence of WAGA’s creations, Georges-Antoine found a connection to his own French-Bosnian roots. He joined forces with Jasmina, sharing her belief that anyone could become a carrier of Bosnian culture—a culture still vibrant with every carved piece of wood.

Wagas artisans

WAGA’s job from that point became giving people a sense of connection and belonging to rich Bosnian history. By using techniques and patterns specific to Konjic, more people began to recognize and support the renaissance of Konjic woodcarving.

Today, owning a piece from WAGA does more than decorate a space; it makes you a keeper of tradition and an inheritor of a story that continues to unfold. Each piece of sustainable wood under WAGA’s hands tells a story—not just of heritage but of home.

waga’s influence was finally seen when konjic woodcarving became a unesco heritage protected practice in 2017

Konjic Woodcarving — craft recognised by UNESCO

Uniquely crafted — each item is an original

Fully sustainable — kind to the planet at every step

Infinite warranty — peace of mind if things break

Konjic woodcarving

process & craft

WAGA’s products are crafted with such precision that they could easily be mistaken for the work of machines. Yet each item is made only by the unique touch of an artisan’s hand, ensuring no two pieces are alike. This is WAGA’s promise: to bring you closer to the miracle of woodcarving.

Konjic woodcarving tools

waga makers

WAGA motivates, teaches and employs younger generations to pursue Konjic woodcarving, maintaining the UNESCO status. Waga artisans each offer their own passion, skill, and dedication to Konjic woodcarving. These artisans are more than just workers—they represent Bosnia’s live link to its rich past and exciting future.

Jasmina Dizdarević


WAGA’s workshop is a sanctuary where harmony meets heritage. Jasmina wishes one day for it to be an open classroom—a welcoming space where anyone is invited to learn the delicate art of Konjic woodcarving. As this has been Jasmina’s ultimate goal from the start, creating a space to allow everyone who wishes to do their part in preserving the UNESCO Heritage status.

Waga products


WAGA’s ideology is founded on sustainability, and we’re deeply committed to it. By reusing leftover wood from our industry, WAGA actively takes steps in a circular economy. Furthermore, WAGA also recycles its own waste for different purposes, like turning wood scraps into pellets for warmth. The wood WAGA carves, sourced from Bosnian forests, supports local ecology and economy, showing Jasmina’s dedication to her roots and her culture.

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