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Founded in 2015 by Bosnian architect Jasmina Dizdarevic, WAGA’s story is intertwined with her family’s roots in Konjic.

Fueled by a vision to preserve this unique cultural heritage, Jasmina embarked on a journey by starting a small woodcarving workshop, collaborating with a handful of master craftsmen she selected for their exceptional artistry.

As a result, each one of our pieces is 100% handmade, sourced responsibly & locally. To request a trade account and receive our catalogue, please complete the form below.

Sustainability extends far beyond environmental.

We are devoted to a broader vision of sustainability
encompassing cultural preservation, social impact and community empowerment.

Konjic Bridge

Cherishing the natural resources of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

We carefully source our wood, primarily maple, ash and walnut, through larger FSC  compliant manufacturers, thus engaging in circular economy practices that protect the balance of our delicate ecosystems.

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We are committed to


Deeply ingrained in the fabric of Colombian and Venezuelan communities lies a treasure trove of Andean, Caribbean, Pacific, African and Amazonian ancestral craft techniques, passed down through generations as an essential element of their identity and culture.


Each and every piece in our collection is a co-creation between artisan and designer. We forge profound connections with our supplier artisans, fostering relationships grounded in trust, transparency, and mutual respect.


Environmental responsibility lies at the core of our mission. We hand-make our products using local, natural materials, tracing each item back to its creator. Through sustainable packaging and sea shipping, we prioritise reducing waste, even if it means longer delivery times.

Konjic Woodcarving — recognised by UNESCO

Uniquely crafted — each item is an original

Fully sustainable —  WAGA is kind to the planet at every step

Infinite warranty — peace of mind if things break

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