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Our Process

At WAGA, we see wood for what it truly is: a living, breathing canvas carrying a treasure full of heritage. Handcrafted with passion and precision, this is the journey each piece of WAGA takes, from raw wood to refined art.

Crafted with Integrity and Respect for Nature

We start our journey in the lush forests of Konjic, where each piece of wood is hand-picked for its unique qualities. We only choose wood from FSC compliant local suppliers, ensuring our pieces are as kind to the earth as they are beautiful.

Our preferred choices—walnut, ash, and maple—are known for their soft and supple features, which makes them perfect surfaces for our delicate carvings. As they’re sturdy and flexible, our artisans are able to carve in multiple directions, avoiding cracks and splits in the final product.

harmony of tools and craftsmanship

Stage 1: Shaping the Foundation


Once the wood is chosen, it goes through the first phase of mechanical processing. Here, the wood is precisely cut into multiple pieces, ready to continue its journey to lamination.

During this phase, the artisans laminate the wooden pieces with eco-friendly glues such as WoCa, giving it additional strength and durability. Our goal here is to make sure the piece you bring home stays there for generations to come.

After lamination, the wood returns to mechanical processing, where it is shaped into the form we want. This phase is essential because it determines the fundamental silhouette and durability of the wood, preparing it for the hand carving that will follow.


Stage 2: The Artisan’s Touch


In this phase, the true magic of Konjic woodcarving happens. Our artisans draw patterns directly onto the wood, maintaining geometric and mathematical precision every time. These patterns range from traditional motifs like the Konjic rose and the “Rešma” pattern to inspirations drawn from nature and geometry.

With the patterns set, our artisans begin the “natucanje” phase, using chisels and hammers to carefully follow the sketched lines. Once a basic outline is formed, the “kopanje” phase begins. Here, the artisans carefully remove layers of wood, bringing the design to life with each new carving. This is the most important part of the process, as each stroke and chip adds a piece of the artisan’s soul to the work.

As we enter the “cifranje” phase, our artisans’ skills truly begin to shine. By adding some final carvings, they make sure the culture of Konjic woodcarving can be felt in every little detail. Each finished piece then gets a unique name, reflecting the emotions and soul of the artisan poured into its creation. This adds a cultural and personal layer, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.


Stage 3: The Final Touches

Waga Products

Before arriving at your doorstep, the artwork needs to be perfected with care. This is done through a repetitive process of sanding, starting with rough sandpaper and progressively moving to finer grains. We make sure the surface is smooth as silk, as this is the only way to truly feel the soul and effort that each piece carries.

We finish the process by applying natural and food-safe dyes to ensure every creation is safe for daily use. After dyeing, the artwork is coated in flaxseed oil and left to dry for 48 hours. This drying period makes sure the oils soak in thoroughly and the colours set perfectly, creating that stunning effect WAGA is known for.

The artwork is then sent to your doorstep, with each piece sealed with the scent of freshly carved wood. This way, when you unbox your WAGA creation, it will bring a burst of culture into your space, making you a carrier of heritage and premium craftsmanship. 

Konjic Woodcarving — recognised by UNESCO

Uniquely crafted — each item is an original

Fully sustainable — kind to the planet at every step

Infinite warranty — peace of mind if things break

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Our Artisans

Meet the hands, heart and soul behind WAGA’s hand carved art — our artisans. With dedication and tradition, they breathe life into wood, creating the exceptional and making each piece a labor of love.


A young and gifted woodcarver, Asmir is a beacon of hope for future generations. He is highly skilled and meticulous in all aspects of woodworking. He exemplifies that the future lies in preserving tradition.


From his early childhood, Seid immersed himself in the world of woodcarving, learning from his father and brother. Woodcarving, for Seid, isn’t just a craft—it’s a way of life. He’s the artistic soul of our team, whose work resonates with the melodious tunes of traditional Bosnian sevdah music.


As the youngest apprentice in our team, Emina, a budding medical student, is also exploring the art of woodcarving. Driven by her passion for painting and drawing, she has found another love in our craft. Emina is part of our team whenever her school allows, as she dreams of becoming a woodcarver.


Although relatively new to this craft, Amina possesses an exceptional eye for the finishing touches of our products. Every item she prepares has a porcelain-like finish that feels exceptionally smooth, offering an unparallelled feeling.


Sladjana, with her precise touch, has mastered the art of sandpapering to give our wood a flawless finish. Although she joined our team only a year ago, her dedication ensures that each piece she works on has a smooth, polished surface, elevating the quality of our handcrafted products.


An artisan since his youth, Sulejman expanded his repertoire to include woodworking when he joined our team. He approaches his craft with remarkable dedication and contributes to shaping all our products.


With extensive experience in woodworking, Vahidin has an innate talent for working with raw wood. He’s responsible for selecting, processing, and shaping the wood for our products. Every piece that becomes part of our creations has undoubtedly passed through Vahidin’s skilled hands and quality control.

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