Step into the world of WAGA, our small artisan company nestled in the heart of Bosnia-Herzegovina, where we create handcrafted homeware goods made from sustainably sourced wood.

Our journey is steeped in the centuries-old tradition of Konjic woodcarving, a decorative technique that earned prestigious recognition as part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2017.

Founded in 2015 by Bosnian architect Jasmina Dizdarevic, Waga's story is intertwined with her family's roots in Konjic. Fueled by a vision to preserve this unique cultural heritage, Jasmina embarked on a journey by starting a small woodcarving workshop, collaborating with a handful of master craftsmen she selected for their exceptional artistry.
During one of his visits to Sarajevo, Waga's creations captured the heart of French-Bosnian entrepreneur Georges-Antoine Ventillard.
Drawn to the heartfelt essence of each piece, Georges-Antoine embraced Jasmina's vision and joined the Waga family.

Together, guided by a strong dedication to preserving Konjic's invaluable heritage, they set on a path to share its beauty with the world.
At the heart of our brand lies the uniqueness of our woodcarving craft. The technique, motifs, and intricate patterns found in all of Waga's creations originate exclusively from Konjic, making each piece a rare and cherished treasure in the realm of modern artisan craftsmanship.

At Waga, we embrace the spirit of the artist, finding joy in creating extraordinary experiences for slow-living through our products. 
Our pieces are not just functional; they transcend the ordinary and bring magic to the everyday.