Sjaj Table Mirror


Introducing our stunning table mirror, SJAJ - a masterpiece created by our skilled master artisans that embodies the rich cultural heritage of this timeless craft. Whether it graces your vanity or coffee table, SJAJ exudes elegance and beauty, adding character to your favorite space.

SJAJ is more than just a mirror; it is a work of art that reflects your unique taste and values, making it a statement piece in any room. With dimensions of 17.7 cm x 34.6 cm x 5 cm, SJAJ table mirror is perfectly sized to fit even small surfaces. It is available in two distinctive patterns: the intricate Bosnian Rose or the bold and minimal Reshma, allowing you to choose the design that best suits your style.

SJAJ table mirror features a fine-sanded finishing with a velvety surface. Meticulously crafted by skilled hands, it showcases a harmonious blend of handcrafting and hand-carving techniques, ensuring durability and quality that stands the test of time.

We take pride in using responsibly sourced local walnut wood for the construction of SJAJ, ensuring that it not only looks beautiful but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability. Bring home this remarkable table mirror and let it become a cherished part of your decor, radiating elegance and character every day.



Dimensions 17.7 cm x 34.6 cm x 5 cm
Two different pattern. Fine-sanded finishing with a velvety surface. Crafted by skilled hands, a harmonious blend of handcrafting and hand-carving techniques.


Sustainably sourced walnut