Unique wooden tableware

The rebirth of craftsmanship demanded a big step back. Away from big factories, away from mass production, away from cutting corners. We decided to make our objects the way they used to be made - crafted by hand. One master maker carving one object, from start to finish. The wood is, just like their future, in their hands. The process makes every object unique - all of them similar, but never the same. So if you buy one of them, it is yours and yours alone.

The idea behind starting the Waga brand is an attempt to revive traditional woodcarving with products that will serve modern everyday life. Over the past decades Konjic woodcarving was in decline, traditional products did not find its place in homes of modern families. Waga tableware is a brave idea on how to bring our woodcarving back to homes, but also to present this wonderful tradition to the world.